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Help us provide a rapid access to Shoulder and Sports Diagnosis, Treatment and Surgery

Acumen Clinic was founded to provide patient-centered orthopedic care including immediate access to a diagnosis, treatment plan, and surgical services. We recognize that time is of the essence for many patients who have to put life on hold when an orthopedic issue comes up.


Our practice focuses on four main areas:

  1. Shoulder Issues including rotator cuff tears and dislocations/instability

  2. Elbow Problems including tendonitis (tennis/golfer’s elbow), contractures and arthritis

  3. Knee ligament and meniscus problems

  4. Biologic treatments including Platelet-rich Plasma and Stem Cells


We are happy to provide advice on all bone and joint issues though utilizing the latest evidence to inform patients.  We take the time to ensure patients understand their diagnosis and know their options. We work side by side with our partners to enhance the patient experience and ensure the best possible outcomes by designing personalized and comprehensive care pathways. We respect and support our colleagues by providing comprehensive consultation notes, clinical feedback and easy access to share progress.

Below outlines what our patients can expect:

  • Getting Information – Much of the information patients are searching for can be found at  We’re constantly updating pages on Shoulder, Elbow, Knee and Biologic treatments and posting new content that would be of interest to diverse patients.

  • Connecting by Phone – If a patient wants more information a phone call is a great way to ask questions about our clinic and determine if they would like to book an appointment.  Many patients also discover more about the opted-out status of Dr. Slade Shantz over the phone.

  • Booking a Consultation – Our commitment is to provide access to consultation within 3 weeks.  When a patient decides to book with us we provide appointment date options and go over the details of the clinic visit.  We also send appointment reminders and other paperwork electronically so patients can complete them at their leisure.

  • Clinic Visits – At our partner clinics patients are greeted by staff and registered.  Consultation fees are collected by partners before consultation (Fees apply for consultation because of Dr. Slade Shantz’s opted-out status).  We book one hour for new patients to minimize your wait and allow time for all questions to be answered.

  • The Consultation – Dr. Slade Shantz focuses on formulating an accurate diagnosis and a patient-centred care plan during the first visit.  At Acumen Clinic, we encourage consultation before any investigations, like MRI, and include a follow-up visit to review results of imaging we order in consultation fees.  One of our main goals is to eliminate wasted imaging and time from our patient’s treatment. If surgery is recommended we fit into the patient’s schedule, not the other way around.

  • Post-Consultation – Care doesn’t stop when our patients leave the office.  We are committed to communication with the whole care team, and with our patients.  Dr. Slade Shantz will personally contact members of a patient’s care team and make sure that care is coordinated, whether surgery is necessary or not.


Our goal is to create an experience designed to maximize our patient’s recovery.  We believe that the way to accomplish that goal is to put the patient at the centre.  We hope that you feel the difference.


If you are have a patient you would like to refer now please complete the below form or to keep us in mind for future patients please feel free to download our referral form.

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